Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today we presented during the EFS symposium. While I didn't find the time to listeen to any toher presentations, it was interesting to look around at other booths to see what other classes had been up to during the month. I think that despite some slight technical difficulties, our prestntation went over very well. It was sweet, short, and enteratining.
Zmy group did the dorm food in Lander for our part. The research and little thing that we found out while preparding for the presentation was shocking! The fact that we weren't able to get any nutritional data from the dining halls or how it wasn't even posted in the first place! And seeing the other groups' information presented liek the convenience store and the UW farm, I learned things that, after a month, I had never seen, but should have been obvious to me.
OH! and by the way, the Lander 2con Convenince store now has a sign hanging up that says "Hey, check out our healthy and organic section!" I thought it was funny how this was put up right after the suymposium when we revealed the lack of healthy and organic food in the conveniece store. Coincidence, or did we make a difference??

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