Tuesday, September 18, 2007

punk food

I really enjoyed the article on punk food. I liked the idea and concepts these "hippies" are promoting and how they stand up for what they believe in. I also really like how they will organize and join together to fight for their cause. And while I personally don't think that I would have enough will power to do what they do (i lvoe all kinds of food too much!), I think that it's really admirable how strong they stay and how they stick together.
And speaking of punk food, the visit from David Giles was very interesting and amusing. I definetly agree with everything that he was saying and what he stood for. We waste so much perfectly good stuff everyday, and throw out things that can be useful to others. And to think of those so close by who have nothing and are starving. I think that the food not guns program is a brilliant idea to take what others have WASTED and to make something out of it. I grew up in a very uppper class privileged area, and have sen people throw out cans because they are slightly bent, or fruit because of one little bruise, or even material things liek a couch because there is a tiny little stain on it. It does seem ridiculous that we would bring it to a dump to waste instead of making soemthing out of it, or even better, pass it on to someone else who really does need it. I also really liked how food not guns will take what they have found and make a hot meal and distribute it every week. It cost them nothing but their time to do, and I'm sure that they have really saved nad made a ton of people very, very happy.
This is the first time that I have heard of this program, and was delighted to find that there is one in Berekely, close to where I live! and while I'm not too sure that I can work myself up to dumpster dive yet, helping out and volunteerinf for the organization is something that I'll definelty look in to!

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