Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a month pass...

It sitll has not hit me that EFs is over now. It went by faster than I ever would have thought. But i guess time flies when you are having fun!
I couldn't have been happier to have chosen this class as my first course. Informative and fun, I learned A TON in just a month, and LOVED doing it!! This class has made me think about so many issues that I had never ever considered or has been interested in. Before I ate what I wanted, and really did have little regaurd to what is in it, or where it is made. Now, after only a month, I have gotten in the habit of checking food labels and nutritional facts and eating more locally grown foods. It's funny how much it ahs changed me. Things such a genetically modified food and meat farmers were brought to my attention. I defiently felt most passionately towards the meat farms and how animals are treated. And now that I know more about it, I do want to do something about it. This class has made me want to change myself and others for the better. i want to spread all that I have learned that is wrong with our systema nd that is wrong with how some of the things that we eat are produced.
So thank you Professor Anagnost, and thank you to the rest of the class, I have learned more from this month long course than I would have ever thought!

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