Monday, September 10, 2007


Watching the Meatrix really brought a new light into what I am eating.
I am a huuuge animal lover; i always have been. I was always the little girl who cried when animals were hurt in movies, and who would refuse to kill even bugs that were in the house. A funny, witty, flash animation movie that made a serious issue more of a reality to me. I can't even think of horrible conditions that some of the animals live in in the farms, all for people who are only looking to make a profit! They are sqeezed into small pens, underfed, genetically and wrongfully altered, and made to live in diseased and dirty conditions. The movie made me furious about the treatment of these animals!! It really made me think about what I was putting in my body, and if it was even worth it.
On another, but similar note, the other day when I was watchin Hogan Knows Best on VH1, they were talking about being kosher. Before I had never really thought into what keeping or eating kosher was other than that I had some jewish friends at school who did it. But through a not-so-educational tv show, I learned the basics of keeping kosher and what it is to eat kosher food. Kosher has to do with the way that the food is prepared, and how the animals are treated. They have to be kept in good conditions and killed with no pain in order to be considered kosher. Everything is fresh and clean. I loved the idea and concept of keeping kosher, especially after watching the meatrix, and seeing how horrible some animals are treated. It's humane and fresh and healthy, which really appealed to me.

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