Monday, August 27, 2007

pike's place market

So, on our first Friday off, me and some of the other kids on my hall decided to explore seattle a bit. Hopping on the #73 bus, we traveled to the infamous pike's place market! I had been there before, but this time I was keeping in mind how we had previously in class talked about fresh foods, locally grown foods, and knowing where everything had come from. I paid special attention to labels and fresh ingredients- seeing where everything comes from like honey from a certain area, fruits grown fresh, oragnically, locally, and fish caught in freshwater or saltwater.
It made the already bustling market more interesting now that I had started to take extra notice to the little details put into each homemade item. Such as the difference between clover honey and regular honey. Or why certain fruits are more expensive than others, be it becasue they were grown in a certain area, or grown with a certain method. I noticed the ones grown fresh and organically with no chemicals tended to be pricier, yet looked smaller and less appetizing than the large, brightly colored ones grown with pesticides and other chemicals. I took more note of the way things are grown and the difference it can make in what you are putting in to your body by eating it.
I love the colors and smells of the fresh famers market. And just the fact that you are told where everything is grown and how, already gives all the produce and products a step up from anything you could ever buy in a store. I can definetly see why people would choose to spluge on the fresher, more natural products and why it would be worth it to make sure and go to a restraunt that buys locally and fresh.

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