Tuesday, August 21, 2007

anthropology of food

The first question we were asked yesterday was "why did you sign up for this class?"

Just the word "food" in the title was a big part of me choosing this class for EFS. I didn't really know what anthropology was, or what we would be studying. But i was pleasantly surprised after going over the course descprition and syllabus. I mean, who really thinks about what they are eating? Who knew that there are so many different levels and personalities to food?!

I think what I am most interested in the the connection of food to culture. How, worldwide, we all use the same basic ingredients, but the difference in a certain spice or the way it's

cooked and put together will create a completely different dish. I mean, a chicken is a chicken, right? No matter where you are in the world, that will always be the same. But what it's cooked with and how can associate it with any culture around the world. And to think of the history and meaning behind each careful preperation or ingredient connected to its orgin, and those cooking it.

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